The Computer Corner Take II (#21) by Bill Kibler

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Some background information

I started writing this series with what became CCII_22 and followed with CCII_23, only to realize that things were not going well. Both the articles were suffering and I was having failures of all sorts. I decided that I must have missed something in my previous research. So I started again from scratch by re-reading the A5 SRM from top to bottom. I knew I had missed things, so I kept real close attention looking for any sort of "gotchas" and of course I found plenty. That got me looking at other web pages and docs to only find more items I skipped over and paths I didn't follow. The results of this on-going investigation is this page - really a "oops" page if you will, that hopefully will help you get off with a better start and skip all the stumbles.

Please note I have for the moment decided to just drop the facts into list entries and will be updating this page as I find new facts. So come back often to see if there are updates. So here are some facts, pointers, links, gotchas, and whatevers to get you started.

Updated October 2012.

Just The Facts


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CircuitCo Main Page for access to SRM's
debian-administration - good site for help articles.

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