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    Latest Computer Corner II Articles
    CCII - 42 Latest updates on Corner and using Raspberry PI camera, plus comments.
    CCII - 41 DACS and Beer making or how to keep a fermenter at the right temperature.
    CCII - 40 Catching Up - or what have I been doing for the last two years and more.
    CCII - 39 Win8.1 dual boot instructions and Win10 first look and upgrade.
    CCII - 38 Linux 102 - update and additional information on using and understanding Linux.
    10/2014 Added security update and information - a must read!
    CCII - 37 QST Article Emails - responses from the Sept. 2014 QST XP/Linux Article. FINAL EDITS 09/2014

    Windows XP Support
    CCII - 35 Windows XP Options - True review of Options for XP users. XP users start here.
    CCII - 34 Windows XP to Linux - Group Upgrade How-To. Want to do a club install meeting?
    CCII - 33 Windows XP to Linux - The Install Basics - possible problems answered.

    Linux Install and Live CDRom support
    CCII - 32 The How and Why of Debian Stable . Installing from Live Disk built in #31.
    CCII - 31 Building your own distro, step by step. Building a Live and Install disk How-To.
    CCII - 30 Ham Radio, ARRL, and a Liunx Distro. The "WHY" of a linux distro.

    BOBZ Products with recent Updates
    CCII - 36 Programming for the BOBZ DACS - How-To on using perl for data logging
    BOBZ Products Support pages from Bob Nash and Company
    BOBZ DACS manual DACS Serial Data Acquisition System

    An Updated List of For Sale Items
    I have added my S100 system and support material. For Sale list.

    Please note New Email Addresss
    New mail address is:

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