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  • Kibler electronics has supported many different electronic and computer systems over the last 30 years of hands on experience. Having supported all the current operating systems and embedded hardware platforms, as well as industrial PLC programming on a number of automated systems and tools. I now focus on using linux for everything - web servers, databases, and overall office/development/embedded duties.

    On the embedded front - I find both PIC and SiLabs products excellent choices for small embedded projects. Their test or development cards work well for initial project boards and small run products. I have recently done both hardware and software projects using these products.

    I have developed programs in over 15 programming languages. I do structured programming in such a way that makes it possible for less experienced programmers to learn and support the project later. Setting up automated compiling with version control is one of my specialties. My languages of choice are LAMP, Forth, C, and Assembler - in that order.

    I recently completed a two year project of converting 400+ programmers from ClearCase to git. As a subject matter expert on the small team doing the conversion work, I became the lead on many aspects of git, gitolite, ElectricCommander, and even fixed a bug in git on HPUX systems. I have become a convert to git, and look forward to adding support for git to my other tools I use and recommend to clients.

    My current product under development is "product specific live CDRoms." Why send a Windows only support disk, when you can send a fully functioning live linux distro that starts up running your product. The disk contains all your documentation and the tools to display it correctly. Forget the Windows hassle of high cost, version compatibility issues, and uncertainty of how it will look and work on the clients system. With a live CD/DVD you can control every detail of the users experience. Computer Corner #30 explains some of the issues and provides an example CDRom.

    I am currently looking for more projects - both hardware and software - you need only send an e-mail to find out how I can help you solve your business needs. You might find many of my Computer Corner articles, both past and present of help, so check them out.

    Kibler Electronics, PO Box 535, Lincoln, CA 95648-0535, USA.

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