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    What is The Computer Journal

    The Computer Journal was the idea of Art Carlson and consumed many hours of his everyday for several long years. Art got the idea after using an Apple II computer for some automation. He felt that others would be interested in what he learned while working on the project. He enlisted writers from many areas of the computer industry, but mainly those who were doing hands-on projects. Over the years the magazine had grown and was very popular with do-it-yourself computer tinkers. What is contained here is the full set of issues, tuned into PDFs and some of the articles done by Bill Kibler.

    Art developed some health issues and turned the magazine over to Chris McEwen. Chris published many issues from his East Coast location, before having to move to the West Coast. During the tranisiton it became clear that the magazine needed a new Editor, and Bill Kibler took over at that time. Art, Chris, and Bill were not the only authors in the magazine, some of the better kown writers were: Jay Sage, Frank Sergeant, Richard Rodman, Herb Johnson, Brad Rodriguez, Helmut Jungkunz, Tilman Reh, and Ronald W. Anderson.

    Bill had over 14 years of writing articles for the magazine, and took over in June 1992. He transferred ownership to Dave Baldwin, Dec. 31, 1995. Currently TCJ operations are suspended.

    Some of the articles are provided here, while all of the articles can be found in the selected issues pdf, which are in the TCJ Archive

    Published Articles by Bill Kibler

    The Computer Journal

    I wrote over 90 articles for The Computer Journal. I wrote the "Computer Corner", every issue from number 17. Issues 56 through 76 also contained comments in the Reader to Reader section as answers to letters and questions from readers. From issue 59 on, a centerfold section contained schematics and explanation on items of interest, ranging from IMSAI MPU-A S-100 board, complete XEROX-820, to a 640K-XT motherboard.

    For a complete list of articles written by Bill Kibler, Kibler Articles

    TCJ Feature Articles - On Line

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