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    Included here are items acquired over the years, both new and very old. Items are for sale as is, I can not guarantee them working, unless noted otherwise. Items are sold as is, and I can take Master/Visa credit cards. Email me for more information or to buy.


    • It is time to part with my S100 system and support material. We are talking about everything and then some. This is an Intergrand case with dual 8 Inch drives, with 8 slot S100 bus, power supplies, and all in a single unit. The S100 system is CCS 2422 Disk controller and CCS 2810 CPU. Memory is 64MB and is the board my first S100 article was about. A Z100 S100 disk card and 256MB memory card are also included. Two cards for keyboard and video are supplied. All the CCS manuals, as well other board manuals are also part of the package. Accessories include, books like the S100 manual, many boxes of 8 inch disks, extra 5 inch drives and disks, plus extra power supplies and 2 S100 extension boards. CP/M 2.2 in many configurations is also included.

      This system did work some time ago and I started to fix problems two years ago before my back problems, and yes moving it around probably caused the problems - it is very heavy! I found an exploded cap in the power supply part of the CPU and replaced it. That blew the CPU chip which has been replaced. The CPU seems to work but has problems accessing RAM - I suspect some bad sockets or a still undiscovered bad chip on the CPU. To help sweeten this offer, I am adding my collection of chips to help fix any remainding problems. The chips come in a multi-draws tray and includes CPUs, I/O, 7400's, RAM and more.

      This is a moderate collection and inculdes several boxes, the unit itself, and many smaller units. It will weigh around 300 pounds or more. It is not shippable, although I do know how to ship palettes of electronics, doing so can cost $1 per pound or more. I live outside Sacramento CA and can transport the collection within 200 miles of my home for an extra $100. This entire package of "stuff" is being offered for $450. Email if your interested or want more information. Here is a partial picture of the collection.


    • CP/M Plus Banked for SBC-300/VFII version 3.0 ser#2-028-00006, 1983, on 8in disk in SS-SD format. These are the orginal 3 disks for an SD system SBC-300 - have three copies as well. The part number is 39144. Have not checked them for quality - just found them in my stash of stuff. Will ship to you for $30.

    • Six Amstrad PCW 3inch disks and a User Guide Book, Two AMSOFT CP/M Plus and DR.Logo/HELP disks. Two Elliam disks for CP/M 80 with same programs as orginal disks. Two blank disks. All the disks are flippies with software on both sides. The book/manual is for PCW8256/8512 and looks like it came with the system. $30,

    Embedded Systems

    • Advantech PCM-9570/S Socket 370 Celeron SBC with LCD/Ethernet/SCSI - Rev B1. Factory cables and adapters. Has CPU (366MHZ), RAM (256MB), 4 COMM Ports, and USB(1.0). Have setup sheet and CDRom of support data. Size is 8x5.75". Come with 6GB laptop HD with Debian7 loaded and working. Works on 5V and draws about 5 amps. $50 and will ship easily. Picture of what you get less the harddrive. PCM9570-S.pdf of manual.

    • PC-104 set of boards. Have two Winsystems PCM-586 SBC, with 133MHZ 5x86, both have DiskOnChip modules, both units work, one has cables and harddrive, and one manual. Winsystems PCM-COMM4A - four port serial I/O board, not tested, manuals. Winsystems PCM-DSPIO, not tested. Measurement Computing PC104-AC5 Digitial I/O board, not tested, manual. Tri-M V104 - PC/104 Vehicle Power Supply, 8 - 30V in, 5 and 12V outut for PC104 systems, not tested, fact sheet. $40 for all units. Picture of PCM-586 with cables and harddrive. Picture of PC-104 Boards . Manual for PCM-586 rev f . Manual for PCM-COM4A . Manual for DSPIO rev a . Manual for Disk On Chip .

    • Z-World Engineering, OP6600 Display unit. User Manual. Unit is un-tested and front view, and back view of unit. $25.


    • Sold most of the main books - but will be reviewing my stash soon for new items to list.

    • I have a large collection of Forth books, FIG issues, and many manuals. Currently too many to list them all - so let me know if your interested and I will provide more information.


    Please note that light items, I.E. books and disks, can be shipped at your cost. The few big items still left however need to be picked up at my place, else I can charge for personal delivery. My location is near Sacramento in Northern California. I recently used a shipping forwarding company to ship 440lbs of computers for about a dollar a pound - distance and your choice of shipping companies will affect the cost.

    Kibler Electronics, PO Box 535, Lincoln, CA 95648-0535, USA.

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