About BOBZ

BOBZ is the moniker we use on the Kibler Electronics site to make it easier to navigate to our information. The BOBZ area at Kibler Electronics describes products, projects and software developed by Bob Miller and Bob Nash, retired engineers who enjoy HAM Radio and tinkering with electronics.

Our Products section describes modules primarily developed for our own use but documented here because they may prove useful to others with like interests.

Some documentation supplements products or projects originally described in magazine articles. For example, the "Yet Another Crystal Calibrator" (YACC) modules were originally described in the September 2011 issue of QST Magazine. The DECUS, DECL, PRUBY and FEBO modules are designed to complement rubidium frequency references, as discussed in the September/October and November/December issues of QEX Magazine.

We have developed boards, kits and finished modules for use in our projects and as part of projects described in magazines. The modules are normally marketed on EBay. We are not set up for mass production -- we build modules by hand and test them before shipment. This allows us to limit distribution according to our ability to support what we offer. Because we market items as we see fit, we have time to refine existing products and develop new ones.

We welcome feedback and would especially like to hear about other products or improvements that you would like to see. If you have any corrections for the documentation, we would welcome those too.

Our Projects section describes various projects we have built. Most of these are based upon one or more of the modules described in the Products section.

Our Software section describes MyForth, a Forth-like 8051 programming environment we use to program the chips used in our products. This section also describes other software-related subjects such as drivers and software development techniques.

The Application Notes section is a general-purpose repository for papers related to our products, projects and software.