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    What are Plugins

    Tcl plugin page - go here to get more information and links. A short defintion is - a program that "plugs into" your browser to allow you to run Tcl/Tk programs within a web page. There are plenty of games and scientific programs that you can use inside of web pages. I found a solitare games that got me hooked on plugins - the program that runs inside the web page. These programs can be very small and fast to develop. Tcl/Tk are good tools to know about and use. I decided to write my own program as you will see here.

    My maj.tcl

    I was looking for information on Tcl/Tk when I came accross the Solitare program to run inside a web page. That got me playing around and liking what I saw. Pretty neat and a bit better than Java as far as I am concerned. The program was small and worked very well - not to mention I could use it on any web browser that had the plugin installed. It was a quick fix for playing games on unix workstations ( at work no less...).

    My wife got me hooked on playing mahjongg and I especially liked the KDE version - due to it's crisp display and alternate game layouts. So with my understanding of Tcl plugins, the sol.tcl program, and looking at the source for kmahjongg - I said why not make my own. The idea was to whip it out in a few days or nights and I did just that. It also took on the idea of seeing just how simple I could make the program. I didn't want any fancy messages that said "you lost" - I wanted instead the smallest version possible, that was challenging, worked, and had other programmers willing to play with it - both as a game and as a program to copy, alter, or enhance as they saw fit.

    I think I got most of what I wanted. I still plan on making some changes to this version - I thought it should be able to have two sizes of tiles - so that 640x480 screens could see it ok. As it is now, 800x600 is minimum size - but I think it would not take much to create the dual version - just no time right now. I really only spent 5 or 6 nights of 1 or 2 hours work to get it to the state you see now. I think there are a few funnies, my son was able to click on a tile below one which is not cool, but if you click on the center of tiles all the time, you should not see any bugs ( not good - but hey I am not charging for it....).

    So here's the old sol.tcl that got my interest going and my maj.tcl for you mahjongg fans. I have also added some tcl links - but you should not have problems finding more on Tcl/Tk.

    • The sol.tcl program that got met started with Tcl plugins...
    • html solitare page - playing solitare within a HTML page..
    • Solitare.tcl card game - solitare source - do "wish sol.tcl" to run.
    • My maj.tcl - a cross of sol.tcl and kmahjongg...
    • html Mahjongg page - playing mahjongg within a HTML page..
    • Mahjongg.tcl tile game - mahjongg source - do "wish maj.tcl" to run.
    • When using web browser on linux - click on game source and select "Open with" "wish".
    • When using web browser on windows - will need to download a version of Tcl/TK first to use "wish".

    Tcl Links

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